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2016 Schedule of Events

Ozark Florist Association Convention and Education Expo 2016

“Starry Starry Night"

Friday, September 9

All Day…………….Trade Fair Set up……………………………Resort Pavilion, Deer/Elk

 8:30 AM…Volunteers and Directors Committees Meet to process Fresh Product, Organize Hard Goods and Set up design Rooms, Class room area,
and  Ozark Cup Design Contest Area, and Decorate the Pavilion…………Pavilion, Deer/Elk

 Enjoy your evening at Beautiful Downstream Casino Resort!!!!

 Saturday, September 10

8 AMBreakfast Meeting for Board Members, Officers and Directors meet at the Buffalo Grill, Private Dining

9 AM… Additional time for Vendor set up, and preparation for the Ozark Cup

Design Competition

11 AM till 1:30 PM…Ozark Cup Design Competition, Entrants meet in the Pavilion Entrance for orientation. Bring your tools from the list in a transparent bag.
All designs will be made on site. All materials will be furnished to you at that time. Tanya Phillips, Jo Buttram, and Toni Garner in charge.

 2:00 PM till 3:00 PM: Tom Bowling AIFD,PFCI presents and Hands on Class “The Art of the armature” A fascinating exploration of the use of the armature as a design technique”.
Tom is one of the Best teachers and Educators you will ever meet! Not to be missed.
Deer/ Elk Classroom. Bring your tools! 25.00 charge, please pre register…only so many slots left! Sponsored by Syndicate Sales

 3:30PM till 4:30 PM, Wenonah Marlin AIFD CFD, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Floral Crowns” Hands on Class. “You do wear it on your head. I just love finding new places to wear diamonds.” Lorelei, portrayed by Marilyn Monroe in the classic film, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, said it best! Isn’t it fantastic when a trend is to add MORE flowers?
Floral crowns are not just for flower girls anymore! Join us in this class to learn an easy and profitable way to add to any wedding or special event!  
Deer /Elk Classroom25.00 charge…please pre-register! Hurry…not much room left…

 4 to 5 PM- Set up of tables for the Table top Contest. Deer/Elk Pavilion. Linzee and Lacee Bilke, in charge. Must be pre-registered and fee is due at this time.

 5 to 6:30, Preparations for the Dinner Décor, Deer Elk, mainstage area

6:30 till 7:00 PM… The Board of Directors of the Ozark Florist Association welcomes you to our 68th annual Starry Starry Night Banquet, and awards presentation.
Creative “Starry Attire” suggested (Have fun with it!) How many movie star and “Glitter Van Gough” costumes can one Association wear!
We’d say a lot!!!! Meet and Greet!…Cash Bar

7:00 PM,…Annual Awards Dinner, Honoring our Ozark Stars, and awards announcement, and introduction of guest artists and dignitaries…
Dinner Buffet, Must be registered, Deer/Elk Pavilion…Announcement of the Table Top Winner and costume winners, too! And…

How many of your favorite floral Stars have you invited. Are you ready to shower them with Stars to thank them for teaching, inspiring,
and leading you to become the floral artist that you are today! This is our chance to Give it back!!!!!

8:30 till 11PM Shop the Trade fair. “Midnight Madness” as our participating vendors present their wares………and still the cash Bar……..

Sunday, September 11

7:00 AM - 8:30 AM, Continental Breakfast compliments of the Ozark Marketplace Trade Fair.

8:00 AM, the Ozark Marketplace Trade Fair opens for business! These vendors make our Expo possible.
Show them how important they are by meeting everyone of them for a sticker to place on your badge that will qualify you for the 500.oo cash giveaway at the end of the day!

8:30 AM The Ozark Masters Cup Design contestants meet for orientation….Registration desk……bring the tools listed in a transparent bag!
The Actual Stars of our design competitions turn out and SHINE!! In charge, Tanya Phillips, Jo Buttram and Toni Garner……

Pop Up Ozark Marketplace AUCTION…with Auctioneer….all day long!

Do you have your paddle???????

9 till 10:30 AM , The Masters Cup first Competition takes place live! Previous Winners for the Silver Award and Ozark Cup Square off for your enjoyment!
Don’t miss this!

          11:00 AM till 12:15, Mainstage Presentation,… The incredible Tom Bowling presents, “The Art of the Armature”, sponsored by Syndicate Sales.
How many ways can this consummate teacher and designer bring us the techniques and products that make us the Stars of our own floral Show! Not to be missed!

12:15 till 1:15: The Ozark Lunch Buffet, served on the patio, use your Mainstage table or find a picnic spot outdoors!
Visit and talk about your Floral challenges and successes! We are all here to learn from each other and share!!!! Also the Marketplace Vendors still have those valuable STICKERS!!

1:30 till 2:15 PM, Mainstage Program….Sponsored by Teleflora, Gerard Toh AIFD, CFD, CCF, presents “Parties Alive” ! The first of a two part presentation teaching us to let our own floral artistry be the star of any celebration! Sponsored by Teleflora and NOT to be missed!

Pop Up Ozark Marketplace Auction, with Auctioneer,...all day long!

 2:15 till 2:45 PM…..Break to Shop the Ozark Marketplace Trade Fair and collect those stickers!!!!

 2:45PM till 3:45 PM…Part 2, Gerard Toh AIFD CFD CCF, presents “This way to the Party!” Details, to a tee,for a theme celebration.
Gerry explores a world of themes for parties!
Sponsored by Teleflora

 3:45 PM,Finally What we all have been waiting for! The announcements of the Winners of the Design Contests, Ozark Cup and Masters,
The AIFD Symposium Scholarship, and the 500.00 Giveaway!

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