2303 South Campbell Avenue,
Springfield, MO 65807

Ozark Cup Competition

The Rules

1. Pre-registration for design contest is required. Registration can be achieved by going to the Ozark Website: www.aboutozark.com
Please print out form and fill out completely.

Mail the complete form and payment to:
Tanya Phillips CFD AIFD
2303 South Campbell Ave.
Springfield, MO 65807

If you have any questions, please call Tanya Phillips (Ozark Cup Chairperson) at (417) 883-8580.

2. The Entry Fee is $50.00 and must be included with the entry form (no refunds will be given). Only dues paid registrants of the Ozark Florist Association are eligible to compete.

If you wish to compete and do not have a registered shop to represent you at the convention, you may wish to become an associate member. The cost is the same as a shop membership…..$65.00 per year and entitles the member to the same privileges as the other members. To do so, contact Pat Phillips, AIFD CFD, and Executive Director at (417) 883-8580.

Entrants should also be registered to attend the Convention. A receipt of their payment will be needed before the beginning of the competition. Entrants are expected to wish to join in the entire Ozark Experience…not just the competition. Competition is important, however the learning and camaraderie is
invaluable, and is of equal importance.

Previous first place winners are not eligible to compete. (We now have a new Ozark Masters Competition for previous Winners) All entries must be postmarked by September 25, 2017, and no late entries will be accepted.

3. Check-in will be at 10:30 AM, Prep Time will begin at 11:00 AM and competition will be from 11:30 to 1:30. Design competition pieces must be placed and set on your design table when time is called. Each contestant will be responsible for the cleaning their design area immediately after time is called.

4. Contestants must furnish their own tools and will be allowed to only bring the following items to the design room in a clear bag:

Floral knife, scissors, wire cutters, clippers, wired wood pics, needle nose pliers, strapping tape, light or dark green corsage tape, one tube of floral adhesive, uglu dashes and one roll of #12 gauge silver decorative wire and 1 roll of silver bouillon, and two additional rolls of any type of wire, of any color, of their choosing.

ALL OTHER APPROVED ITEMS WILL BE PROVIDED…..Each contestant will receive an identical supply of flowers, foliage, containers and supplies.

NO contestants will be allowed in the design room while the judges are evaluating your pieces.
• Once the judges have finished, the score sheets will be taken to a secured area where your scores will be totaled.
• The Ozark Cup Chairman will have the master list which tells which contestants were assigned to each table. This is a numerical system and the contestant’s name/identity is strictly confidential.

The winner of the Ozark Cup will be the designer with the highest overall score. This designer MAY be asked to represent Ozark at other Competitions.

HOWEVER, The Silver Award, a scholarship to the TELEFLORA Education Center provided by TELEFLORA, will be awarded to the designer with the highest overall score that is a member of TELEFLORA.

One person can win BOTH categories.

The Ozark Cup Design Competition is a long standing part of the “Ozark” experience. It is of the utmost importance to the Board of Directors that all contestants understand the importance of sportsmanship and community that we will share as a part of this Association. We understand that a competition is one of the most challenging yet most rewarding parts of the educational experience.

The Competition and scoring practices have been re-evaluated and re-mastered this year. We can not tolerate bad manners or inappropriate conduct. We are all equal and important to this Industry.

Please let us know of any concerns or suggestions you might have that can make this a positive part of your Ozark Cup Experience.

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